Our drinking cup is suitable for cold drinks. It is very stable and has a capacity of 200 ml. The cup is transparent blue and consists of environmentally friendly polypropylene, weighing 2.8g.

BecherAlways at hand

Regardless of whether you need the cups at your water dispenser in the holder or your customers wants to provide cups to highly sought-after sampling points: You can never have enough cups, they are always needed!

Neatly packed

The cups are packed airtight for each 100 pieces. The box contains 1,000 pieces (10x100). You can buy small quantities from us or stock up on pallets, just as you wish. When delivering water, it is always easy to pack several boxes.

Cup description

  • 200 ml quality cup
  • Color: blue/transparent
  • Welded in foil per 100 cups
  • Packed in boxes of 1,000 cups each
  • One pallet 64-96 boxes